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  kevin 99c7c96c3d cmDspPgmKrTimeLineLite.c : Initial changes to support Spirio. 10 months ago
  kevin a5b38e78af cmDspPgm.c : Changed _cmDspSysPgm_Stereo_Through() to support Focusrite interface. 10 months ago
  kevin c79d67c7bf cmXScore.c : Added _cmXScoreValidateDynamicForks() and _cmXScoreAssignGraceGroupId(). 10 months ago
  kevin e29b975677 cmXml.c : Allow attributes to be wrapped in single or double quotes. 10 months ago
  kevin 75067f1304 cmVectOpstemplateCode.h : Fix possibly uninitialized value in GaussCovariance(). 10 months ago
  kevin a4e3c2e550 cmDspBuiltIn.c : Changed _cmDspMidOutRecv() to not sleep between all-note-off transmissions 10 months ago
  kevin bfcb91b276 Fix LICENSE text. 1 year ago
  kevin 7bcd915725 README.md : More updates. 1 year ago
  kevin 4453c9b3c8 Removed unnecessary text from COPYING 1 year ago
  kevin 60b9cfbff4 README.md : Added libcm logo. 1 year ago
  kevin 516028fe5c cmJson.c : Fix typo. 1 year ago
  kevin 866b4cac0e Merge branch 'master' of gitea.larke.org:klarke/libcm 1 year ago
  kevin 41ccb0f178 Merge branch 'develop' 1 year ago
  kevin af855ac168 Merge branch 'develop' of gitea.larke.org:klarke/libcm into develop 1 year ago
  kevin 889011801c README.md : Updates 1 year ago
  kevin d15e6a29ee Documentation updates. 1 year ago
  kevin 0e03acff01 README.md : Added link to generated documentation. 1 year ago
  kevin fd3db429d2 Apply a license notice to all source code files. Add the LICENSE and COPYING files. 1 year ago
  kevin dd8fc144fb Merge branch 'master' of gitea.larke.org:klarke/libcm 1 year ago
  kevin 05cd76192e .gitignore updated. 1 year ago
  kevin ae1384784b Added 'doc' directory to hold document generation files. 1 year ago
  kevin 7b32da2c04 Many documentation string additions and updates. 1 year ago
  kevin a1a3ece09d cmDocMain.h : Deleted. 1 year ago
  kevin b93e3729eb README.md : Initial commit. 1 year ago
  kevin 033204dd04 cmXScore.h : Added cmXScoreMergedEditFiles(). 1 year ago
  kevin b81204a8d2 cmMsgProtocol.h/cmDspClass.h/cmDspUi.c : Added cmDspUi.c:cmDspProgram() is done to send a message to the host from the DSP process when the DSP program is done. 1 year ago
  kevin 4942b48206 cmXScore.c : A warning is now reported when a overlapped note triggers a 'shorten/shift' resolution. 1 year ago
  kevin 8848b03412 Merge branch 'develop' of gitea.larke.org:klarke/libcm into develop 1 year ago
  kevin 4edc0c968d cmDspPgmKrChain2.c,cmDspPgmKrTimeLineLiteAf.c : many changes to refine output. 1 year ago
  kevin c9dc494178 cmDspFx.c, cmDspFx.c : If the second character in the 'scalarOp' object is '$' then any input triggers an output. 1 year ago
  kevin 90bfc6c05b cmDspBuiltIn.c, cmDspValue.h/c : text in 'label' object can now be updated with any variable type. 1 year ago
  kevin 220ca1577c cmDspKr.c : Update 'Kr2' to use input igain variable. 1 year ago
  kevin 349979f8b5 cmProc4.c : Print out preset label in _cmScModActivateGroup(). 1 year ago
  kevin af0e716b1f cmProc2.h/c : Added igain,igainV to cmSpecDist2. 1 year ago
  kevin 75f8c880f7 cmXScore.h/c : Added 'damperRptFl' to print out pedal state during pedal processing. 1 year ago
  kevin 47d4dda2b0 Merge branch 'develop' of gitea.larke.org:klarke/libcm into develop 1 year ago
  kevin f3af534ad5 cmMidiFile.h/c : Added flags arg. to cmMidiFileCalcNoteDurations(), Added cmMidiFileIsPedalUp/Down() macro. 1 year ago
  kevin ad0b1ad901 cmXScore.c : Added missing underscore to 't_frac' in score CSV column header. 1 year ago
  kevin 6c8ab0a131 cmDspPgmKrTimeLineLiteAf.c : Added stop location and wet,dry master gain. 1 year ago
  kevin b16673bbc0 cmDspFx.c,cmDspPgm.c: Finalized IntToSym. 1 year ago
  kevin 77367919b7 .gitignore : updated to ignore files based on new make style. 1 year ago
  kevin 003a7deddf cmDspPgm.h/c : Added IntToSym example. Added initial set of shortened macros for programming. 1 year ago
  kevin ebecf50417 cmDspFx.h/c : Added IntToSym 1 year ago
  kevin 50f5d15145 cmDspBuiltIn.c : Added 'enable' to AudioOut, Added chIdx to WaveTable 1 year ago
  kevin 186f815636 cmAudDsp.h/c, cmAudioNrtDev.c,cmAudioSys.h : Audio devices are now set in aud_dsp.js by their name rather than their index. 1 year ago
  kevin 4d5e88e766 Makefile.am, clean.sh : Added '-lasound' to library build. Made cleaning process more standard. 1 year ago
  kevin 0ee9146b7e Merge branch 'develop' of gitea.larke.org:klarke/libcm 1 year ago
  kevin ce2412aae3 cmPgmOpts.c : Fix bug where 'flag' type was always reported as 'required'. 1 year ago
  kevin f36c81aae3 Rearrangment of library to support building inside of a project or independently. 1 year ago
  kevin e9e405f4a9 cmAudioPort.c : Enable the input and output channels on the selected devices in cmApPortTest(). 1 year ago